Prepare to Evacuate Soul

Mandy. 18. "I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

Y un día verás que este loco de poco se olvida,

Por mucho que pasen los años de largo en su vida.


Last words of unarmed black youth gunned down by law enforcement. 

"There are reasons why white gun’s rights activists can walk into a Chipotle restaurant with assault rifles and be seen as gauche nuisances while unarmed black men are killed for reaching for their wallets or cell phones, or carrying children’s toys. Guns aren’t for black people, either.”

from America is Not For Black People

if you live your whole life and then die without making a purposeful choice to become a white ally then American racism becomes your legacy.

from Becoming a White Ally to Black People in the Aftermath of the Michael Brown Murder

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